Whole Foods Market revolutionizes modern-day cookbook

Whole Foods Market announced the availability of an application on the App Store that provides iPhone and iPod touch users with the store’s entire selection of over 2,000 online recipes, as well as several other handy features.

The new App allows users to search by ingredient, special diets and other keywords like “family friendly.” Each recipe contains detailed preparation instructions and nutritional information, which can be copied and pasted, saved as a personal “favorite,” and e-mailed from within the App itself. Other features include, the “On Hand” option, where customers can enter ingredients and get back meal recommendations.

“We’re delighted to provide iPhone and iPod touch users with yet another way to explore their passion for food and health,” said Bill Tolany, global coordinator of Integrated Media for Whole Foods Market. “We’re particularly excited about the “On Hand” feature as a way to answer the ever so popular ‘What’s for dinner?’ question.”

A store locator for nearby Whole Foods Market locations and other Whole Foods information is also included.

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