American Chop Suey

In 450 gm cabbage ,3 onions,100 gm bean sprouts ,10 French beans,2 carrots,1 tea cup boiled noodles,2 tea cup fried noodles,1/2 tea Ajinomoto, 4th oil I tea spoon chilli sauce ,salt to taste.

For Sauce: ¾ teacup brown vinegar,3/4 teacup sugar, I teacup water, 2tb plain flour I tb soya sauce 4 tb
Spoon tomato Ketchup.

Method: (1) slice the onions
(2) Cut all the vegetables into long thin strips.
(3) Place sum of the sauce in the vessel mix well and put to boil go on cooking on a high
Flame for 3 to 4 minutes
(4) Heat the oil thoroughly in a vessel and add the vegetables and Ajinomoto cook on a
High flame for 3 to 4 minutes .
(5) Add the prepared sauce boiled noodles , chilli sauce , add half of the fried noodles and mix well
Serve hot , topped with rest of fried noodles.


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